Cat Urine Odor Removal Tips

The Purrfect Solution For Cat Stains

odor eliminatorOk cat owners, how many of you are frustrated with cleaning up messes and cat stains around the home that have been made by your cats? Believe me, we know what you go through. We’ve had cats all of our lives, and can’t imagine a home without them. But let’s be real – no one likes dealing with the cat stink that so often comes with them. Be it cat urine, stains from fur balls or other lovely presents left behind, something has to be done. That’s why we developed Catastic Stain And Cat Odor Eliminator. Once we knew we had a hit on our hands, we wanted to share it with other cat lovers. Our secret is that we don’t mask the odor, we eliminate it the source using at patented technology. Read on to find out how we can help you keep your keep your house smelling fresh, clean, and cat odor free.

One thing that all cat owners need to understand is how their fuzzy friend’s natural instincts make them act the way they do, and how it affects their use of the litter box. You may not know this, but cats are natural hunters who search out and define an area that they call their own. To mark the boundaries of their territory, they mark it with urine and feces. This is why you may from time to time find an unexpected surprise around the home. And why do cats choose new spots? It’s the built in instinct to avoid predators that causes this.

cats have high expectations when it comes to litter box cleanliness

– as you’ve probably noticed, they will walk away from a dirty box. Did you know that a cat’s sense of smell is many times better than that of a human? Would you use a dirty, smelling bathroom? Of course not! In order to help your cats, make good choices, you should provide at least on box per cat the house, and on different floors or different parts of the house if you can. Clean out the cat litter box every day, and give it a good cleaning with mild soap and water once a week to clear out any lingering smells. There are a lot of litters on the market that are scented, but these usually cover up or mask the smell and don’t really eliminate it, so don’t be fooled. If the scent is strong, you may find your cat using a place other than the litter box, even if it’s clean, so be careful what you up in their boxes.

Another good tip to keep cat odor minimized is to provide a comfortable and safe place for your cat to do their business. Ever notice how they’ll find a corner to rest in, or love hiding in boxes? It’s built into their DNA to do these things. So keep that in mind when you’re thinking where to place their litter boxes. The best boxes are large and shallow. Some breeds prefer an enclosed space, so you may want to try a solution that includes that design.

There’s nothing wrong with the occasional accident, but you should call a vet if your cat is making a lot of messes around the house for no apparent reason.
There are other reasons that cats urinate in various places around the home such as:

  • Kittens, who are easily distracted, not potty trained, or can’t get to the box fast enough
  • Older cats who may be suffering from arthritis and have difficulty getting up and down stairs to access the toilet area.
  • Medical problems, like a bladder infection, kidney disease or diabetes.
  • If a cat thinks their territory is in danger. This can be brought on by the appearance of new furniture, new pets or people, or that stray cat that recently showed up around your house.

What’s a homeowner to do?

cat odorremovalWell, if you have a great cat urine and stain remover, you’re off to a great start. Purchasing something that will actually clean up cat urine properly, and eliminate stains and odors at the source is essential if you have feline friends.
Everyone has probably tried home remedies like vinegar or peroxide to get messes cleaned up, but the problem with these solutions is that at best, they only mask the cat pee smell, and leave behind the actual “stuff” that is making the urine smell and leaves an unpleasant reminder of where to go next time!

As pet owners, we love and care for them like they’re a part of the family – because they are! When considering an answer to our problems, we stop to think about safety and how what we buy will possibly hurt our pets. This is where Catastic comes in. Satisfied customers recommend it as the first solution for any cat owners who are frustrated by the constant battle with cat pee smells. Not only is it cat, animal and child safe, it can be used on hardwood floors, carpet and even leather.

Why Does It Work So Well?

Using a patented technology, the source of the odor is broken down at source, rather than just covering it up. Blotting with a paper town and few sprays on the affected area will usually take care of the problem. The best part of this is that you won’t go broke buying it. While it out performs the leading brands, it’s typically lower priced and can be found on Amazon. Buy with confidence – your purchase is backed by a no questions asked, 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

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